Emerging trends in biotherapeutic development

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a spotlight on the discovery and development of biotherapeutics, for both the treatment and prevention of diseases. In this article, industry experts discuss the emerging trends they see in biotherapeutic development and how they predict the field will evolve in the near future.

What is the vision for Generate Biomedicines?

Our vision is to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to instantly generate medicines that treat and cure humanity’s most intractable diseases. This is an incredibly ambitious vision, but with machine learning, we can move from an era of random trial-and-error drug discovery to one that is much more intentional.

How can machine learning and AI technologies enable discovery?

AI and machine learning can impact all parts of the drug discovery and development pipeline, from lead generation to optimisation. If you could, for an antibody, for example, pick an epitope on a target and generate a molecule directly to that epitope, you could transform this process. For current lead optimisation, oftentimes iterative rounds of optimising for one parameter are done without considering another parameter, making it a long and laborious process. AI can help…