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Stem Cells


How blood stem cells can be rejuvenated

27 February 2017 | By

Our blood stem cells generate around a thousand billion new blood cells every day. But the blood stem cells’ capacity to produce blood changes as we age. This leads to older people being more susceptible to anaemia, lowered immunity and a greater risk of developing certain kinds of blood cancer.

Product Hub: The growing potential of hiPS-derived beta cells

16 February 2017 | By

Christian Andersson, Product Development Manager at Takara Bio discusses hiPS-derived beta cells, which offer an unprecedented opportunity for diabetes research to model human physiology and ‘diseases in a dish’. Christian looks into the potential for new discoveries for diabetes and other metabolic diseases...

ProteinSimple Milo

12 January 2017 | By ProteinSimple

Single-Cell Western system capable of analysing protein expression in ~1,000 single-cells in parallel to unlock heterogeneity...

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