When size doesn’t matter: meet ImageXpress Pico, the miniature but mighty microscope

Date: 2 March 2021

Website: bit.ly/3pl87a3

Molecular Devices is pleased to invite you to register for their unique 1-day virtual user meeting and workshop on the ImageXpress Pico Automated Cell Imaging System. This workshop will provide information on automated imaging and the capabilities of the ImageXpress Pico for researchers looking to move into automated image acquisition and analysis. It will also give automated imaging users the chance to connect with other researchers in the imaging community and learn tips and tricks to optimize their research.   

The programme will include talks from existing ImageXpress Pico users and Molecular Devices application scientists, as well as live demonstrations of exciting customer samples. The applications covered will range from simple cell scoring assays to more complex neuronal and 3D assays. The live demos will allow attendees to see the capabilities of the ImageXpress Pico and the ease of set-up, along with suggestions from trained application scientists on how to improve data acquisition and analysis. Resultant data from the samples will be reviewed, providing examples of the types of information that the ImageXpress Pico can obtain.

Join this meeting if you:

  • Want to learn more about automated image acquisition and analysis
  • Wants to learn tips and tricks from Molecular Devices experts and other users
  • Want to learn how the ImageXpress Pico automated imager can help your research
  • Want to connect with other users in the ImageXpress Pico community

Click here to view the full agenda

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