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    adnan al absari

    hello misters, professors
    covid-19 not highly different from SARS for the targeted receptor. if the covid-19 targeted toward ACE2 as direct why we not observing any oral manifestation for like reaction during incubation periods of the virus? although the oral mucosa enriched by ACE2 !
    the targeted receptor represented by the phospholipids / protien links ,,of surfictant ( DPPC) SP-A, SP-B, SP-C, SP-D (collectins) ” SP-A & SP-D
    differentiation occurred later after 12 of age especially the hydropholic SP-A 35Kda the CRD (carbohydrates recognition domain) ,N -terminal responsible for docking energy for covid-19 ,,those explain why the mortality rate from covid-19 infection untill this age very rare,, other clinical evidence the secondary affected organs by covid-19 mimic the presence of SP-A ,SP-D in human tissues like kidney ,CNS ,GIT, genitalia,eyes, deep ear ,synovial fluids ,, the created energy from this interaction( docking energy) the threshold for docking energy release in the SARS cov-1& MERS is highe than that threshold in covid-19 this explains why those infections was not highly contagious in comparison to the covid-19 pandemic .since the infection of SARS cov-1& MERS occurred due to direct contact with natural or intermediate reservoir 1/ (fresh infection) or due to human to human by 2/ large quantities of mature virus or high viral load (longtime contacts).. the two previous reasons are essential to exceed the threshold limits of docking energy release ,,in the comparison to that’s of covid-19 the docking energy release threshold very low so small numbers of virons (viral load) or old mature virus for shorttime contacts will be sufficient to exceeding DERT ..which starting ionization to Zn ions at the hACE2 receptor firstly of the alveolar cells . as a result for this ionization, RBD created,the virus evolve hydropholic tunnel walls at RBD. Spikes protien starting it’s binding & fusion role ,the process continueing as we knowing those formulas help us to remind how selection of the readymade drugs was closer to be effective in treatment against virus. for example
    ACE2 (C41H62N12O11)
    Camostat (C20H22N4O5)
    Pulmonary surfictant (C40H80NO8P)
    cov protease(C32H43N5O9)
    chloroquine lead to formation “ZnCl2” which play catalyst inhibition role for the recptor & rifampicin ,remdesivir can play enzyme analogue role , finally ( i believe in that endotrecheal or systemic injectable of synthetic surfactant with rifampicin or prodrug
    decrease the cytokine storm & decreasing DNA synthesis of inflammatory mediators) will be more effective in treatment, developing vaccination for the covid-19 finally please excuse any gramaticall errors unintentional spelling
    dr/adnan abdullah saeed al absari
    phone no +967771413037

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