NanoTemper Technologies launches Spectral Shift, a breakthrough technology that changes the game for affinity-based screenings

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NanoTemper Technologies has announced the launch of Spectral Shift technology with its Dianthus instrument.

NanoTemper Technologies announced on 24 March 2022 the launch of Spectral Shift technology within their Dianthus instrument, built to handle the most challenging affinity-based screenings in drug discovery. This breakthrough technology removes the roadblocks experienced by scientists dealing with really complex molecular interactions often seen in challenging drugs and drug targets like proteolysis-targeting chimeras (PROTACs), intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs), or fragment libraries.

Image showing NanoTemper’s Dianthus instrument

NanoTemper’s Dianthus instrument includes breakthrough Spectral Shift technology to handle the most challenging affinity-based screenings in drug discovery.
[Credit: Business Wire]

Scientists feel stuck because traditional screening methods like surface plasmon resonance (SPR) or isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) have not been able to handle these difficult molecular interactions, or at best they offer very low-quality data. So, scientists end up making decisions with a lot of uncertainty since the results do not clearly point to the best hits. Or, they spend too much time on lengthy assay development to characterise tricky interactions like ternary complexes and binary interactions with covalent ligands.

“Spectral Shift changes that,” commented Amit Gupta, Product Manager at NanoTemper. “Not only does it perform very precise measurements that generate such high-quality data for hit identification or lead optimisation, but it requires little to no assay development.” These are huge wins for scientists working with undruggable targets like KRAS or STAT3. Finally experiencing increased success with screening campaigns and feeling confident they’re getting trustworthy results is such a relief.

“At NanoTemper, our vision is to help create a world where every disease is treatable, so it is important that we create biophysical tools as quickly as possible to help scientists tackle their most challenging characterisations,” said Philipp Baaske, Co-founder and CEO of NanoTemper. “We put it in the hands of important biopharma companies, and early adoption of Spectral Shift in Dianthus was faster than we could have imagined — it validated the impact we believe it will have on the industry.”

Click here to experience Spectral Shift and Dianthus for yourself. 

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