On-demand webinar

Power up your LNP and AAV sample prep with Unagi

Watch this on-demand webinar to see first-hand data results demonstrating the power and flexibility of Unagi for nucleic acids, LNPs and AAVs.

About this webinar

The problem
Buffer exchange is a critical step to developing optimal vectors and payloads. Compared to biologics, development of delivery vectors like lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) and adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) is a newer research area with different challenges and opportunities to address. LNPs require fast buffer exchange to remove any organic phase without disrupting encapsulation efficiency or causing size change. AAVs usually need concentration after manufacturing in addition to buffer exchange at a high recovery. Both vectors can vary wildly in their manufacturing conditions or serotype, meaning a single solution may not be the best fit.

The solution

Unagi is a benchtop automated buffer exchange and concentration instrument designed to handle a wide range of biologics and gene therapy biomolecules. Using pressure based ultra-filtration/diafiltration (UF/DF) technology coupled with non-contact individual sample volume measurement, Unagi will deliver precise buffer exchange and concentration targets without putting a dent in your sample recovery.  With the ability to parallel process one to eight samples in a volume range between 0.5 to 48 mL, Unagi can help with screening, formulation, quality control and analytical prep workflows. Programmable settings, including the optional orbital mixing, can be used with default settings or customised to your unique nucleic acid, AAV and LNP samples. 

The proof

Watch our webinar to see first-hand data results demonstrating the power and flexibility of Unagi for nucleic acids, LNPs and AAVs. Final exchange and concentration values, along with analytic characterisation, will be shown under different conditions.

Benefits of watching

  • Discover how you can achieve improved biologic and gene therapy biomolecule sample recovery and integrity in your buffer exchange and concentration workflows
  • Gain an industry perspective on challenges seen with buffer exchange for LNP and AAV gene therapy vectors
  • See how sample recovery of up to < 96 percent can be achieved with just minutes of hands-on-time. 

Our speaker

Dr Del Ray JacksonDr Del Ray Jackson, Marketing Manager, Buffer Exchange & Workflows at Unchained Labs

Dr Del Ray Jackson has been working as a product manager for nearly a decade, helping several biopharma groups accelerate their drug discovery and development processes with lab automation. Since coming to Unchained Labs, he has been able to focus on delivering automated, high-throughput solutions for buffer exchange in biologics and gene therapy research and development.