Product: How does Codex DNA use automation in their NGS workflows?

Posted: 12 August 2022 | | No comments yet

Strike NGS workflow gold with our broad portfolio of automation solutions, delivering reliable, high-throughput results. But don’t take our word for it! Hear from our customer.

John E. Gill, Senior Director of R&D, Codex DNA

“At Codex DNA, the Echo 525 liquid handler and access workstation from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has become an integral part of our BioXp™ system gene synthesis workflows.

Processes that would take 8 hours with traditional liquid handlers now take less than 30 minutes with the Echo [acoustic and tip-less liquid handler], enabling the construction of DNA variant libraries at an unprecedented scale.

Moreover, the high accuracy and precision of non-contact acoustic transfers ensure that we’re delivering every oligonucleotide with the utmost confidence.”


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