Drug Target Review Assays ebook 2022

In this ebook, you can find articles on the development of novel assays and technology – download now for free!

It is essential to select the optimal assays to explore, identify and advance novel drug targets — and there are a wide range of technologies to choose from. In this ebook, Dr Denise Barrault, Exscientia, explores a new collaboration between industry and academia that will enable the development of novel predictive assays.

In another feature, Dr Evangelos Kiskinis, Northwestern University, discusses how new technologies, for example, bioelectronic assays, can enable real-time, long–term analysis of neurological diseases in a dish, offering a pathway towards examining disease and the discovery of new therapies. Dr Kiskinis highlights that a bioelectronic assay enables scientists to study iPSC-derived models of diseases over long periods, creating opportunities to see how these mutations impact physiology and respond to treatment.

Included in this ebook:

  • Uniting industry and academia for phenotypic drug discovery
    Dr Denise Barrault, Exscientia
  • Driving precision neurology forwards with iPSCs and new assays
    Dr Evangelos Kiskinis, Northwestern University