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ON-DEMAND The kinetics of drug binding

The kinetics of drug binding

ON-DEMAND | By BMG Labtech GmbH

Optimising the receptor binding kinetics of new drugs can have significant benefits, ranging from improved duration of action to enhanced efficacy through the insurmountable antagonism of dynamic physiological systems.Despite this, the kinetics of new receptor ligands are rarely measured early in the drug discovery process, largely because current assays are…

ON-DEMAND Cognitive Phenotypes in MS Mouse Models

Cognitive Phenotypes in MS Mouse Models

ON-DEMAND | By Charles River Laboratories

40-65% of MS patients have cognitive impairment and touchscreen testing in animal models is a new method to test cognitive issues in MS animal models...

ON-DEMAND Webinar DiscoverX Mast cell receptors and drug-induced anaphylaxis

The mast cell receptor MrgX2 and drug-induced anaphylaxis

ON-DEMAND | By DiscoverX

The goal of this webinar is to illustrate how knowledge of MrgX2 activity across a panel of mammalian species can be integrated into drug development to influence choice of compound, species model and dosing regimen...

ON-DEMAND Charles River Laboratories webinar neuropathic pain models on-demand

Novel readouts for neuropathic pain models

ON-DEMAND | By Charles River

This webinar reviews standard neuropathic pain models and readouts and will include fine motor kinematic analysis to highlight gait changes...

ON-DEMAND Charles River on-demand webinar novel cancer drug

Designing a Novel Cancer Drug: From Hit ID to Candidate

ON-DEMAND | By Charles River

Discover how their multidisciplinary approach to hit ID, design and synthesis of novel chemical templates and development of targeted in vitro and in vivo assays resulted in the nomination of the first development candidate in just over two years...

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