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SAFIRE: AI predicted ADME for drug discovery: leveraging bioprint

26 June 2024 By Eurofins Discovery

Join Dr Carleton Sage to learn about predicting ADME properties as a key approach to improving the efficiency of small molecule drug discovery. AI ADME model development approaches and case studies within drug discovery projects will be discussed.

Neurological disorders: organoids for early drug discovery

29 May 2024 By Drug Target Review

Join us for this webinar as we explore the role of organoids in advancing treatment of neurological disorders. Organoids, miniature 3D models of human organs, are at the forefront of neuroscience research, offering insights into the complexities of the human brain. In this webinar, esteemed experts will explore the latest…

Developing next generation non-replicative HSV-1 vectors for sustainable and more precise gene therapies

ON-DEMAND By Drug Target Review, sponsored by Bio Rad Technologies

Watch this webinar to learn how the challenges with using certain viral vectors in gene therapy has advanced the development of a new generation of precise vectors with sustainable effects. Our experts outline the limitations of existing vectors and how these can be overcome using modified recombinant non-replicative herpes simplex…

SH2 domains as a target class in cancer and inflammation

ON-DEMAND By Eurofins Discovery

New SH2 domain binding assays developed by Eurofins Discovery have been launched to support drug discovery initiatives in the protein-protein interaction space and in targeted protein degradation. We present small molecule case study data for important targets within this target class including STAT Transcription factors and Kinases.

Turning Plans into Reality: Real Examples of Custom Automation Projects

ON-DEMAND By Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.

Watch our industry experts to learn about the tangible benefits and best practice of custom flow cytometry automation projects. You’ll discover how to reduce your challenges implementing tailored automation, controlling the quality of the data produced and improving the reliability of your data acquisition.

Functional assays for the development of agonistic antibodies

ON-DEMAND By Eurofins DiscoverX

Watch this webinar to discover qualified bioassays assessing therapeutic antibody mechanisms, case studies about agonistic effects in antibodies initially deemed antagonistic, and explore Fc receptor impacts on antibody response in co-culture assays.