Drug Target Review – Issue 4 2023

A new Drug Target Review issue is now ready to download! This issue features articles on CRISPR, personalised medicine and screening.

As we navigate the current landscape of pharmaceutical exploration, we discern a future in which healthcare is characterised by personalised medicines and precision-targeted treatments. To provide comprehensive insights into ongoing developments, we are pleased to present the latest edition of Drug Target Review. This issue encompasses a spectrum of topics, including proteomics, upstream bioprocessing, immuno-oncology, CRISPR and screening.

Within the pages of this publication, readers will find in-depth articles that elucidate the latest advancements, challenges, and breakthroughs within the field of drug discovery.

Drug Target Review explores the potential of stem cells in personalised regenerative medicine. Jinhyeok Jeong from Samsung Biologics takes us on a journey from cell cultures to drug products, providing insights into the intricacies of bioprocessing.

Dr Sergio Quezada, representing Achilles Therapeutics, highlights the unique nature of neoantigens, while Dr Roy Maute of Pheast Therapeutics explores the potential of CD24 in cancer immunotherapy.

Dr Piotr Trzonkowski, from the University of Gdansk, highlights how TREGs offer hope for personalised medicine in autoimmune diseases. Dr Susanne Rafelski, from the Allen Institute for Cell Science, presents a framework for comprehending cell organisation and variation. Dr Amanda Haupt, from Revvity, discusses the emergence of base editing as a therapeutic tool.

Within this issue, you’ll encounter a diverse collection of insights and innovations that play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of drug discovery for the future. Explore new discoveries and developments by leading experts in the field.

Some articles included in this issue:

    Not all neoantigens are created equal

    Dr Sergio Quezada, Achilles Therapeutics 
    TREGs offer personalised medicine hope in autoimmune disease
    Peter Trzonkowski, Medical University of Gdansk 
    New genetic test to screen for foetal DNA sequence variants
    Ellen Capon, Drug Target Review
    Framework for understanding cell organisation and variation
    Dr Susanne Rafelski, Allen Institute  
    The emergence of base editing as a therapeutic genome engineering tool 
    Dr Amanda Haupt, Revvity

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