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Issue #3 2017

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in the next issue of Drug Target Review:

  • Foreword: The importance of academia-industry partnerships
    by Dr Chris Watkins, Director of Innovation, Medical Research Council
  • In-Depth Focus: Assays
  • Stem Cells: EUTCD-Grade lines: an innovative approach to creating and supplying clinical hESC lines
    By Glyn Stacey, UK Stem Cell Bank
  • In-Depth Focus: Imaging
  • Research area: Alzheimer’s disease: Calcilytics as potential novel therapeutic treatments to halt Alzheimer’s disease.
    By Anna Chiarini, Ubaldo Armato, Ilaria Dal Prà
  • In-Depth Focus: Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • and much more…

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