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Issue #4 2022



On the CRISPR horizon: democratising access to genome-editing technologies

16 December 2022 | By ,

Dr Douglas Ross-Thriepland and Dr David Walter, from the Functional Genomics Centre (FGC) – a joint venture between Cancer Research UK’s (CRUK) drug discovery engine, Cancer Research Horizons, and AstraZeneca – speak to Drug Target Review about their work. The centre’s focus is on genetic screening; cancer models; CRISPR reagent…


Activity-directed synthesis: a structure-blind, function-driven molecular discovery approach

16 December 2022 | By

An autonomous strategy for molecular discovery could enable the exploration of a far broader chemical space than is possible with conventional approaches. In this article, Niamh Morris from Rosalind Franklin Institute outlines why activity-directed synthesis (ADS) could be the answer, providing examples of how this technique has the potential to…


Artificial intelligence-aided screening could boost speed of new drug discovery

15 December 2022 | By ,

Using a natural language-inspired technique, researchers at the University of Central Florida, US, developed an interpretable and generalisable drug target interaction model that achieves 97 percent accuracy in identifying drug candidates for a broad variety of target proteins. Here, Dr Ozlem Ozmen Garibay and Aida Tayebi, who worked on the…


How many drug discovery breakthroughs have we missed?

14 December 2022 | By

Today’s drug screening methods use one or two types of data. However, disease biology is not replicable by simple screening models because diseases are complex and heterogenous. However, advanced screening methods that process dozens of data sources at one time have uncovered novel hits that have been overlooked across the…


Progress towards an RSV vaccine

14 December 2022 | By

Despite decades without vaccine development in the respiratory syncytia virus (RSV) space, researchers are now homing in on a potential strategy to protect individuals from this disease. Here, Drug Target Review’s Ria Kakkad spoke with Dr Christy Comeaux, Medical Lead (RSV), Janssen, about the challenges associated with RSV vaccine development and her most promising…


Rapidly transitioning from in silico hits to leads on ‘undruggable’ pain targets

13 December 2022 | By ,

Opioid addiction is an ongoing crisis in the US. Researchers have identified a key regulator that shapes analgesic and aversive outputs of kappa opioid receptor signalling, finding lead inhibitors of this previously ‘undruggable’ target class – the Regulators of G protein Signalling (RGS proteins) – to help re-establish non-addictive kappa…


Keeping T cells strong and improving cancer immunotherapy

8 December 2022 | By

The tumour microenvironment can prevent some T cells from carrying out their immunotherapeutic duties. In this Q&A, Dr Brian Shy, Clinical Instructor at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Department of Laboratory Medicine, describes a recent study wherein he and fellow scientists discovered a strategy to strengthen T cells…