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Taylor Mixides (Drug Target Review)



The future of cancer immunotherapy with Elicio Therapeutics

1 March 2024 | By ,

In this exclusive interview with Dr Christopher Haqq, Executive Vice President, Head of Research and Development, and Chief Medical Officer of Elicio Therapeutics, we explore the latest in Cancer Immunology Research. The study highlights the promising preclinical data demonstrating the potential of TCR-T cell therapy in combination with lymph node-targeted…


Women in Stem with Dr Beate Mueller-Tiemann

19 February 2024 | By ,

Introducing Dr Beate Mueller-Tiemann, whose journey spans continents and disciplines, with a passion for biochemistry and molecular biology since her high school days. From elucidating pivotal proteins in cancer to monoclonal antibody discovery, Dr Mueller-Tiemann's contributions have not only transformed our understanding of diseases but have also fuelled research in…


The vision of neuroscience with Stephanie Proaño

11 January 2024 | By ,

Stephanie Proaño, an Applications Scientist at Cell Microsystems shares profound insights into her neuroscience journey. From challenging the historical underrepresentation of women in brain research to navigating the complexities of studying sex differences, Stephanie's career has been defined by pivotal moments. She discusses the importance of inclusivity in science, recounting…


Advancing regenerative cell therapy development

4 January 2024 | By

In this interview we discuss with Alder Therapeutics regenerative cell therapy development through a proactive strategy, addressing manufacturing challenges early and ensuring a streamlined process. We explore an approach in pluripotent stem cell therapy development which eliminates complexities, minimises costs and expedites the delivery of transformative therapies.


Women in STEM with Dr Catherine Sheehan

22 December 2023 | By

In this special December edition of Women in STEM, we are privileged to feature Dr Catherine Sheehan, a distinguished figure whose journey in the field of STEM has been marked by passion, resilience, and impactful contributions. We explore her experiences, challenges faced, and the transformative impact of her work in…


The future of mRNA biology and AI convergence

21 December 2023 | By

In the rapidly evolving landscape of mRNA biology and artificial intelligence (AI), Anima Biotech stands at the forefront, a unique approach that reshapes our understanding of diseases and transforms the drug discovery process. mRNA biology holds immense potential with RNAi drugs in the market and mRNA vaccines showing promise, particularly…


The future of lymphoma treatment

12 December 2023 | By

In the current landscape of drug discovery, lymphoma poses a significant challenge and opportunity. Researchers are fervently exploring novel therapeutic avenues, such as Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs), to address the complexities of lymphoma. ARC-02, a standout candidate, demonstrates enhanced efficacy and tolerability in lymphoma treatment. While eyeing a diverse ADC pipeline,…