Beyond the lab: screening

This report provides exclusive access to content on innovative screening methods to improve detection and diagnosis of prevalent conditions like cancer and metabolic disease, with expert insights from leading professionals in the field.

Read the discussion on how a novel 2-phase physiochemical system is pioneering an alternative approach to identify those at risk of prostate cancer. Also, a recent study has identified several promising antimicrobial agents against Leishmania donovani through hit-to-lead optimisation.  

Prostate cancers detected at the local stages, when the disease is limited to the prostate and its immediately surrounding regions, have a nearly 100 percent five-year survival rate.

This report contains the following articles:

  • Targeting nucleic acid-responsive enzymes at the nexus of innate immunity and DNA damage repair
  • The great prostate debate: innovations in prostate cancer screening
  • Advancing under-researched tropical diseases
  • Advantages of using cfDNA sequencing for early detection of GDM
  • Overcoming Alzheimer’s disease using morphological profiling
  • Neurodevelopmental defects seen in mini-brains with ANG mutation
  • Scalable precision design targeting complex product profiles

Discover the deep learning model using circulating cell-free DNA, which outperformed traditional screening methods for gestational diabetes mellitus, as well as how researchers have classified hits in a drug screen for Alzheimer’s disease using neural cell models.

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Robert Lowery, President and CEO of Bellbrook Labs

Bob Rochelle, Chief Commercial Officer at Cleveland Diagnostics

Dr Víctor Sebastián Pérez, Associate Director of Computational Design at Exscientia