Drug Target Review Imaging ebook

In this section, Dr Peter O’Toole, University of York, examines innovation in the field of microscopy for drug discovery and development research, while in an exclusive Q&A, Dr Michael Grange, Rosalind Franklin Institute, discusses the advantages of utilising cryo-electron tomography imaging.

A broader view of cellular processes during the drug discovery and development stages enabled by microscopy could help scientists to design better therapies for patients. This section contains an interview with Dr Peter O’Toole from the University of York, UK about his research and the exciting projects advancing the field of microscopy.

Cryo-electron tomography imaging (cryo‑ET) is a label-free cryogenic imaging technique that offers three-dimensional (3D) datasets of organelles and protein complexes at nanometre resolution by opening windows into the cell with a focused ion beam milling of a cryogenically frozen cell. This ebook also contains an exclusive Q&A with Dr Michael Grange, from the Rosalind Franklin Institute (RFI), UK about the advantages of using cryo‑ET.

In this ebook:

  • The bigger picture: innovation in microscopy
    Dr Peter O’Toole, University of York
  • The promise of cryo-electron tomography
    Dr Michael Grange, The Rosalind Franklin Institute