Drug Target Review Assays ebook 2022

Included in this ebook are pieces on how an assay for the detection of sepsis was developed and a new high-throughput assay that could reveal new drugs to fight COVID-19. 

In an exclusive Q&A, Dr Rolland Carlson and Dr Richard Brandon from Immunexpress discuss key aspects for molecular diagnostic discovery and development platforms, including how to best leverage microarray and next-generation sequencing (NGS) tools. They explain how their biomarker signature discovery approach has aided them in creating an assay for the detection of sepsis. 

Also in this ebook is an article on the search for a rapid, easy way to identify drugs that can fight SARS-CoV-2. Dr Veronica Busa and Dr Anthony Leung from Johns Hopkins University discuss how they developed the ADPr-Glo assay and how it can be leveraged to reveal drug candidates that inhibit coronaviruses – both current and future.

In this ebook:

  • Building a powerful portfolio of sepsis biomarker signatures for therapeutic clinical trials
    Dr Rolland Carlson, CEO and Dr Richard Brandon, CSO at Immunexpress
  • A high-throughput macrodomain assay to identify coronavirus drugs
    Dr Veronica Busa and Dr Anthony Leung, Professor at Johns Hopkins University