Drug Target Review Immuno-oncology eBook 2023

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In this eBook, Dr Sergio Quezada from Achilles Therapeutics explores the unique nature of neoantigens, emphasising their unequal impact in cancer. Dr Roy Maute, representing Pheast Therapeutics, explores the potential of CD24 in cancer immunotherapy, offering practical insights into its application. Dr Daniel Kavanagh discusses how T cell receptors open a window for a novel cancer therapy class.

Dr Lev Becker, from the University of Chicago and Onchilles Pharma, focuses on transforming cancer treatment for maximum impact. Dr Graham Dixon, representing Mithra, introduces a new platform for developing selective CSF-1R inhibitors, promising advancements in cancer therapeutics.

In this eBook:

  • Not all neoantigens are created equal 
    Dr Sergio Quezada, Achilles Therapeutics 
  • The potential of CD24 in cancer immunotherapy 
    Dr Roy Maute, Pheast Therapeutics
  • T-cell receptors offer window to the cell for a new class of cancer therapeutics 
    Dr Daniel Kavanagh, WCG 
  • Transforming cancer treatment for greater impact
    Dr Lev Becker, Onchilles Pharma