The future of lab automation: streamlining drug research

In this article, Drug Target Review‘s Ria Kakkad and Izzy Wood explore the results of the latest research on lab automation techniques and technologies designed to accelerate drug discovery.

Lab automation involves incorporating automated technologies into the laboratory to enhance process, improve efficiencies and introduce new methodologies. Usually, this includes solutions that eliminate monotonous lab tasks such as liquid handling that have traditionally been performed by technicians.1 As technology continues to advance, lab automation today encompasses more complex processes, and even entire workflows can now be automated. Keeping up with demand and remaining competitive often requires integration of automated technology.1 This article deep-dives into some of the recent discoveries and innovations using lab automation.

Automating techniques that analyse disease progression

A team of researchers from the Southern University of Science and Technology, China, have developed an automated system for intracellular sensing that allows for a more efficient and accurate investigation of cellular characteristics and heterogeneity. This could potentially lead to…