ebook: Advances In Cell Imaging and Retrieval

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In this ebook, unveil a world of cutting-edge discoveries in cell line development for therapeutic proteins. Delve into the ground-breaking research conducted by esteemed scientist Professor David Nisbet and his exceptional team exploring the use of peptide hydrogels. 

Prepare to be captivated as you explore the enthralling realm of fully automated image-based single-cell isolation and picking. Discover the most recent trends and boundless opportunities in CRISPR applications and single cell sequencing, revolutionizing the landscape of drug discovery.

Also featured in this ebook:

  • Breaking records: how high-titer cell line development boosts production for maximum results
    Yingji Jin, Samsung Biologics
  • Unlocking the secrets of stem cells: analyzing human interactions at the single-cell level
    Andreas Reimer, Tangea
  • New microscopy method to measure glycocalyx thickness in single cells 
    Dr Sangwoo Park, Cornwell University
  • Introduction to LIVECELL, a revolutionary deep-learning dataset for label-free cell segmentation

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