The role of CRISPR in microbiome engineering breakthroughs

Dr Jakob Krause Habber and Dr Richard Fox will explore the applications of CRISPR in microbiome engineering and how it can be used to overcome the bottleneck of human microbiome research.

Disruptions to the body’s microbiome are closely associated with numerous diseases, from diabetes and obesity to cancer. CRISPR-Cas9 systems has proven immensely valuable in drug discovery and drug manufacturing. The design of large-scale genome engineering systems can be quite laborious and costly but our key experts will discuss how to streamline your research, the steps of microbial gene editing and how to scale up genome editing.

With accelerated CRISPR workflows, you’ll be able to elicit the set of beneficial gene edits among hundreds of thousands of gene knockouts. CRISPR systems also unlock the flexibility to enrich or deplete the same bacterial strain depending on the specific research needed.

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