eBook: Reveal Cell Function With Single-Cell Resolution

This eBook explores a new means to perform single-cell functional analysis. Uncover the Xdrop®single-cell format workflow with its ability to help identify, quantify, and comprehend immune cell functions at the individual cellular level.

This eBook introduces a new approach to the analysis of immune cell function. Providing single-cell resolution that reveals the heterogeneity of immune cell populations, these workflows combine an innovative application of microfluidics technology with single-cell format flow cytometry of living cells. Get ready to discover how Xdrop DE50 droplets can be used to encapsulate individual immune cells and deliver them for incubation, analysis, and retrieval.

Featured within this eBook are five short papers with results from workflows that: 

  • Identify highly potent TNF-α-secreting T cells in 7 hours
  • Quantify individual T cells or natural killer cells secreting IFN-γ, TNF-α, or both cytokines
  • Rapidly identify active natural killer cells
  • Reveal granzyme B secretion and cell killing dynamics in a single-cell format

The heroes of the eBook: Xdrop DE50 droplets

The Xdrop DE50 droplets are water-in-oil-in-water spheres with a volume of just 100 picoliters. Thanks to their compatibility with flow cytometers and cell sorters, they serve as ideal reaction chambers. Each one can hold a single living immune cell or an immune cell together with its target. In just eight minutes, Samplix’s Xdrop instrument generates millions of DE50 droplets containing cells for various functional assays.

Why choose DE50 droplets?

Traditional methods fall short of revealing the true extent of the heterogeneity of cell function within a population. Bulk functional assays provide average readouts that mask individual cell activity and hinder the identification and retrieval of the cells with the desired functional response.

DE50 droplets offer stability for days of incubation and are compatible with key cell research instruments, including flow cytometers. The picoliter volume allows for the rapid build-up of cytokines, antibodies, and enzymes, enabling the differentiation of active and inactive cells.

The unique benefits of Xdrop DE50 droplets include the capability to:

  • Co-encapsulate immune cells and their targets
  • Evaluate of cytotoxic potential and simultaneously assay for the release of cytokines, granzyme B, and other agents
  • Perform a wide array of analyses on flow cytometers and cell sorters

 What to expect in this eBook:

See experiments showcasing the straightforward setup and clear results of assays for secreted IFN-γ, TNF-α, and granzyme B. Discover how to successfully separate cells with the desired activity from the rest of the population and recover them alive. Explore experiments on the co-encapsulation of natural killer cells and their target lymphoblasts, highlighting the versatility of DE50 droplets.

Immerse yourself in the future of immunotherapy research with Xdrop DE50 droplets. This eBook aims to provide compelling results that showcase why these droplets are the key to answering critical questions in the field.

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