eBook: Drop by drop: the future of liquid biopsy

The future of liquid biopsy is poised to revolutionise medical diagnostics and treatment. Explore the latest advancements and future prospects of liquid biopsy in our comprehensive eBook.

Split over three in-depth chapters, we explore the future of liquid biopsy with particular focus on cancer, neuroscience and rare diseases. This eBook is sponsored by BioIVT. 

Inside, Dr. Courtney Noah, VP Scientific Affairs, BioIVT, explores how research into liquid biopsies has the potential to revolutionise disease detection, diagnosis and treatment. We also reveal an upcoming study at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles that will investigate the use of liquid biopsies for diagnosing and determining the severity of retinoblastoma.

Also featured within this eBook:

  • Breakthrough in paediatric cancer: liquid biopsies revolutionise neuroblastoma detection
  • Using injectable agents to improve cancer monitoring and detection
  • Promise and challenges of using circulating miRNAs as cancer biomarkers
  • Advancements in liquid biopsy: cancer detection and monitoring
  • Advancing oncology drug development

You will learn more about:

  • First international liquid biopsy retinoblastoma study
  • Genetic alterations linked to drug resistance revealed by liquid biopsies
  • μCENSE platform isolates diseased circulating biomarkers
  • Advancing Lyme disease detection: the power of molecular diagnostics

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