On-demand webinar

Techniques to reduce evaporation risk and cross-contamination by improving crystallisation screens

In this webinar, you will get a practical walk-through of how to make consistent transfers from a deep well block to a crystal screening plate using an automated pipetting system and examine best practice setting up sitting-drop vapour diffusion crystallisation.

About this webinar

Join Dr Huw Rees and Susmith Mukund for an interactive masterclass on crystallography trial workflow.

Key takeaways

Watch this on-demand webinar for essential insights into:

  • Discover how to achieve more consistent and reproducible crystallisation trials
  • Examine optimisation strategies to eliminate contamination of your plates
  • Explore how to generate consistent, homogenous crystal screen mixes without the need to vortex or shake the crystal condition block
  • Uncover best practice for end-to-end automation of your crystallography trial workflow.

Our speakers


Susmith Mukund, Principal Scientist at Frontier Medicines, San Francisco

Susmith Mukund is a structural biologist and protein biochemist. His work has focused on enabling understanding drug design and mechanism of action of challenging targets through protein purification, characterisation and crystallisation, structure solution through crystallography, and or cryo-EM more recently. After completing his MS Biochemist at Iowa State University, US, he has enriched his career spanning around 17 years at Gilead Sciences, Genentech and Amgen and the targets he have enabled include ion-channels, GPCR’s, Kinases, epigenetic writers, E3 ligases, pMHC complexes, viral polymerases. He is also currently a Principal Scientist in the Structural Biology group at Frontier Medicines.

Dr Huw Rees

Dr Huw Rees, Field Applications Scientist, SPT Labtech

Huw is Field Applications Scientist at SPT Labtech. He received his doctorate in structural RNA biology and protein engineering from the University of Chicago, US. As a crystallographer, Huw combines his love of exciting new science with a passion for training and advising laboratories on the use of SPT Labtech’s industry-leading mosquito®, dragonfly® and apricot range of liquid handling instruments.