Complete CAR-T workflow solutions for research

Watch this webinar to get an overview of the CAR-T workflow and learn about the latest CAR-T research enabling tools that can accelerate your discovery.

About this webinar

Chimeric-antigen receptor (CAR) based T cell therapy is an expanding field of research that has shown great promise in the treatment of some cancer types. CAR-T cell therapy starts with collection of blood from the patient and ends with the infusion of genetically engineered T cells back into the patient. The initial development of engineered CAR T cells is a multi-step process that involves inherent challenges and requires extensive optimization. We will discuss how a broad set of tools, including lentiviruses, antibodies, recombinant proteins, assay kits, and engineered cell lines and primary cells, can support CAR-T research at each step of the process, making them more efficient and effective. In addition to off-the-shelf products, we will discuss how specialized custom services can be used to expand your capabilities.

Key Takeaways

  •  Introduction to CAR-T field and general workflow
  • Learn about tools and techniques to enable CAR-T research
  • Learn about the advantages of custom services to expand your capabilities
  • Get more details and ask questions about products and services provided by BPS Bioscience and suggest products that could be beneficial for you.

Our speaker

Dr Vanda Lopes., Product Manager, BPS Bioscience

Vanda completed her PhD in Cell Biology at Imperial College, London, followed by a post-doc at UCLA in retinal gene therapy. After that she has joined Fujifilm Irvine Scientific and BioLegend, where she developed innovative cell culture reagents for cell therapy. Before joining BPS Bioscience she worked at Fate Therapeutics, in iPSC MCB process optimization.