Utilising synthetic DNA technologies for high-throughput antibody discovery and optimisation

In this on-demand webinar, our expert illustrates the utility of GPCR libraries and explains how to discover potent functional antibodies against multiple GPCR targets.

About this webinar

G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) are transmembrane proteins involved in numerous signalling pathways. They are the largest and most diverse group of membrane receptors in eukaryotes, making them important drug targets.   

Utilising its proprietary DNA technology to write synthetic libraries, Twist Biopharma provides end-to-end antibody discovery and optimisation solutions. 

To enable the discovery of functional GPCR antibodies, they grafted a large number of GPCR-binding motifs into a focused antibody library. By incorporating these motifs into the antibody heavy chain CDR3, they developed a first-generation GPCR library. Another approach mined the patented GPCR antibody sequences and used the sequence information to guide the design of a separate synthetic library.

In this on-demand webinar, Twist Biopharma illustrates the utility of both libraries and explains how to discover potent functional antibodies against multiple GPCR targets.

Learning outcomes of this webinar

  • Hear a brief background to GPCR libraries
  • Discover how these libraries are utilised in conjunction with high-throughput cell binding assays (iQue® Advanced Flow Cytometry Platform) and functional assays

Our speaker

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Aaron Sato, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Biopharma, Twist Bioscience

Aaron is CSO and head of the Biopharma Vertical at Twist Bioscience. Prior to joining Twist, he served as Chief Scientific Officer of LakePharma, leading the California Antibody Center, which discovers novel antibody therapeutics for its clients. He also oversaw all discovery research functions both as Vice President of Protein Sciences at Surrozen and previously, as Vice President of Research at Sutro Biopharma, Inc. He also held director level positions at both Oncomed and Dyax Corp.