Capturing biological complexity to empower biomarker discovery

Watch this free one-hour session to discover how refined cell atlases can provide comprehensive roadmaps for health and disease.

About this on-demand webinar

Single-cell genomics is revolutionising our understanding of cells and tissues in health and disease. Biomarker discovery research is increasingly benefiting from and leveraging the power of single-cell genomics approaches. Takara Bio provides end-to-end solutions for single-cell genomics at scale, thereby enabling breakthroughs in medical research.

In this on-demand webinar, Matthieu Pesant, PhD, talks about how uncovering novel insights from single cells and nuclei boosts biomarker discovery for medical research and pharmaceutical development.

Learning outcomes of this webinar

  • Discover how refined cell atlases can provide comprehensive roadmaps for health and disease
  • Learn why detecting events deep within the transcriptome can aid when investigating gene fusions and single nucleotide variations (SNVs)
  • Harnessing the coding transcriptome for biomarker discovery.

Our speakers

Matthieu PesantMatthieu Pesant, PhD, Senior Market Strategy Manager, Takara Bio Europe

Dr Matthieu Pesant has been the European next-generation sequencing (NGS) Product Manager at Takara Bio Europe since 2017 and manages Takara’s RNA-seq and DNA-seq product range including the market-leading single-cell NGS technologies SMART-Seq® and PicoPLEX®. He is currently the Senior Market Strategy Manager for Gene & Cell Therapy.

Prior to joining Takara, Pesant worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Humanitas Research Center in Milan, Italy, studying communication between innate immune cells and cancer cells. He then moved to the National Institute of Molecular Genetics in Milan, where he contributed to uncovering crosstalk between chromatin epigenetic landscapes and genome conformation underlying a genetic muscular dystrophy in human.

Pesant obtained his PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Burgundy, France, and his thesis involved identifying regulatory mechanisms of oxidative stress and inflammation relevant to cardiac muscle and atherosclerosis.

Bryan BellBryan Bell, PhD, Senior Market Strategy Manager, Takara Bio USA

Dr Bryan Bell began his research career at the University of Washington before completing his graduate work in molecular biology and biochemistry at the University of California, Irvine. He returned to Seattle for his post-doctoral work at Benaroya Research Institute, studying CD4+ T-cell responses in allergy models. For the past nine years, he has held several roles at Takara Bio USA and is currently the Senior Market Strategy Manager for Biomarker Discovery.