Glossary: Multiplexing 101 – The essential guide

What is multiplexed immunofluorescence microscopy imaging?

Human tissues contain many different biomarkers which can be explored to reveal the workings of biological pathways and interrogate disease states. Recent technological advances have made it possible to visualise many of these biomarkers at once using multiplexed imaging.

To illuminate the details of this emerging technology, Leica Microsystems has assembled this glossary of important terms. It also shows how the Cell DIVE Multiplex Imaging Solution can help you incorporate multiplexing into your studies.

Key Learnings:

  • Get familiar with the basic terms and technologies that underlie the multiplexed imaging field
  • Learn how multiplexed imaging with Cell DIVE can deliver new insights into the complex biology of cancer tissues
  • Discover how the Cell DIVE workflow can achieve results for your research questions.