Analysing proteomics data to translate in vivo studies as early as possible

Dr Antal Szalay, CEO and Founder of Ultimate Medicine, explores how the analysis of omics data, especially metabolomics and proteomics, can provide researchers with vital insight that can inform the development of drugs for conditions associated with age.

Over a century ago, Elie Metchnikoff, a colleague of Paul Ehrlich and Louis Pasteur, postulated that senility is caused by “putrefactive bacterial autotoxins” leaked from the colon and advocated a diet of fermented milk and a “simple” lifestyle to neutralise these autotoxins, for the first time scientifically emphasising the importance of gut microbiota in human health and ageing.

At Ultimate Medicine, we are now in the privileged and fortunate position of being able to demonstrate in upcoming peer reviewed publications that Elie Metchnikoff was right in assuming that a leaky colon contributes considerably to cognitive ageing, brain inflammation and deterred neuroimmunology. With the help of more advanced tools, like proteomics and newly established protocols, we are currently in the process of targeting gut metabolites that we identified in the brain, which increase with age to trigger cognitive decline in mouse models and humans…