Drug Target Review Vaccine Development ebook 2022

In this ebook, find articles on vaccination strategies for neurodegenerative diseases and the benefits of mRNA vaccine platforms against latent viruses.

Innovative vaccine platforms have emerged over the course of the pandemic and researchers are now applying what they have learnt to a wide range of conditions. In this ebook, Dr Andrea Pfeifer, AC Immune, discusses the current landscape of potential vaccines against neurodegenerative diseases. She highlights the therapeutic value of conformation-targeting vaccine technologies for the possible treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. 

In a second piece, Dr Sandeep Basnet, Moderna Therapeutics, examines how mRNA could be utilised to protect against latent viruses, highlighting how modern vaccines could eliminate diseases like cytomegalovirus (CMV) once and for all. 

Included in this ebook:

  • Are scientists closing in on vaccines for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s? 
    Dr Andrea Pfeifer, AC Immune
  • Developing modern vaccines against an underrecognised foe 
    Dr Sandeep Basnet, Moderna Therapeutics