Drug Target Review Cell and Gene Therapy eBook 2023

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This ebook delves into the intricate world of cancer therapies, immune system breakthroughs, therapeutic genetic engineering, and groundbreaking advancements in gene editing, featuring insightful interviews with renowned experts in the field.

The first article features an exclusive interview with Dr John Maher, Chief Scientific Officer of Leucid Bio, as he addresses the complex hurdles encountered during the development of CAR T-cell therapy for solid tumours.

In a related article, discover the cutting-edge breakthroughs in T cell research that are revolutionising our understanding of the immune system and paving the way for new therapies and treatments.

You can also gain insights from David Baram, the visionary CEO of Emendo Biotherapeutics, as he provides a captivating overview of the historical progression of therapeutic genetic engineering.

Lastly, Brent Warner, President of Gene Therapy at Poseida Therapeutics, elucidates the groundbreaking advancements in gene editing that are reshaping the landscape of genetic disease treatment.

In this ebook: 

  • Next-generation CAR T cells
    Dr John Maher, Leucid Bio
  • T cells’ vital role in boosting immune responses
    Izzy Wood, Drug Target Review
  • The evolution and promise of gene therapies
    Dr David Baram, EmendBio
  • Advancing gene editing to redefine genetic disease treatment
    Brent Warner, Poseida Therapeutics