Drug Target Review – Issue 2 2023

A new Drug Target Review issue is now ready to download! This issue features articles on cell and gene therapy, imaging and screening.

This Drug Target Review issue provides exclusive insight into the cutting-edge world of biomedical breakthroughs and scientific exploration. With features on cell and gene therapy, CRISPR technology, cancer research, and the latest advancements in screening and imaging.

Within these pages, we focus our attention to CRISPR, a revolutionary gene-editing tool that has taken the scientific community by storm. 

Cancer, one of the greatest challenges facing humanity, continues to be at the forefront of medical research. In this issue, we explore the frontiers of cancer research, where dedicated scientists are uncovering novel therapies, deciphering complex signalling pathways, and developing targeted treatments that hold the potential to redefine the way we combat this devastating disease.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also explore the remarkable advances in screening and imaging techniques that are transforming diagnostics and improving patient care. From non-invasive imaging technologies to state-of-the-art screening methods, discover the tools empowering medical professionals to detect diseases earlier and with greater accuracy.

Included in this issue:

    Next Generation CAR T cells 

    Dr John Maher, Leucid Bio
    Unleashing the power of single-cell technologies and AI/ML for cell-centric drug discovery
    Fabrice Chouraqui, Cellarity 
    More than just a microscope: how advanced imaging modalities can take your pharmaceutical research to the next level
    Dr Haley Marks, Dr Laurent Bentolila, Brian Jeong, UCLA
    The role of CRISPR in microbiome engineering breakthroughs 
    Dr Jakob Krause Haaber, SNIPR Biome, and Dr Richard Fox, Infinome Biosciences
    Overcoming challenges in metastatic breast cancer 
    Dr Volkmar Muller, University Medical Centre Hamburg- Eppendorf