Drug Target Review Neuroscience eBook 2023

Explore cutting-edge neuroscience insights through an exclusive interview with Dr Olga Chechneva on nuclear interactions in the mouse brain and a groundbreaking study by MIT researchers revealing key aspects of Alzheimer’s disease. Download your FREE eBook!

In this eBook, deep dive into the world of neural interactions as we present an exclusive interview with Dr Olga Chechneva, a distinguished neuroscientist at Shriners Children’s Northern California and the University of California, Davis. Dr Chechneva unveils crucial new findings, shedding light on the intricate nuclear interactions between oligodendrocyte lineage cells and neurons within the mouse brain.

But that’s not all. Researchers from the renowned Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US, have pioneered a game-changing study. This study, conducted with precision in both mouse models and human post-mortem tissue, unravels two critical issues that manifest in Alzheimer’s disease, promising fresh perspectives and a deeper understanding of this devastating condition.

In this eBook:

  • Critical brain cell interaction 
    Dr Olga Chechneva, Shriners Children’s Northern California
  • How neurons stimulate the brain’s microglia
    Drug Target Review