Drug Target Review – Issue 3 2023

A new Drug Target Review issue is now ready to download! This issue features articles on vaccine development, artificial intelligence and organoids.

This Drug Target Review issue explores cutting-edge topics such as artificial intelligence (AI), regenerative medicine, and neuroscience, guided by leading experts in the field.

Dr Olga Chechneva from Shriners Children’s Northern California reveals the intricate interactions of brain cells and how neurons stimulate the brain’s microglia. Meanwhile, Randolf Kerschbaumer, representing the OncoOne Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, offers insights into previously deemed “undruggable” cancer targets.

The power of AI in decoding genetic programs is explored by Dr Jason Park, CEO of Empress Therapeutics. Additionally, we explore innovative models for enhancing drug metabolism prediction with Dr Peter Hunt of Optibrium.

In the domain of vaccine development, Alexandre Le Vert of Osivax discusses challenges and advancements in COVID-19 vaccine development, while Dr Marie O’Brien from ReNewVax shares insights into the quest for a universal pneumococcal vaccine. Dr Cristina Ureche from Hannover Medical School (MHH) guides us through the aseptic process of viral vector-based vaccines, and Dr Mark J. Newman of GeoVax, Inc., illustrates the foundation for next-generation vaccines.

In the field of regenerative medicine, Dr Emily Richardson from CN Bio takes organoid research to new heights, while Frank Gleeson from Satellos Therapeutics explores pioneering advancements in muscle repair for disorders. Steve O’Keeffe of Angry@Arthritis and Dr Ivan Martin of the University of Basel lead the charge in revolutionising osteoarthritis treatment through innovative regenerative approaches. Dr Brian Kaspar of Insmed Incorporated guides us from bench to bedside, addressing key challenges in gene therapy. Lastly, we dive into promising preclinical data for drug-resistant epilepsy with Dr Cory Nicholas from Neurona Therapeutics.

Some articles included in this issue:

    Critical brain cell interaction

    Dr Olga Chechneva, Shriners Children’s Northern California 
    Unlocking the next wave of undruggable cancer targets 
    Randolf Kerschbaumer, OncoOne
    Decoding the genetic programme: the power of artificial intelligence
    Dr Jason Park, Empress Therapeutics
    Prevention and preparedness: challenges and advancements in COVID-19 vaccine development
    Alexandre Le Vert 
    Advancing muscle repairs for disorders  
    Frank Gleeson, Satellos Therapeutics