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Pall is the largest and most diverse filtration and separation company in the world, and the global leader in the development of new filtration, separation, and purification technologies. The breadth of our product line and scientific resources make us uniquely qualified to deliver the best product technologies for each application we support.

From the discovery and development stages of new drugs, through production and delivery of therapies, Pall Laboratory provides dependable, high-performance products that expedite and simplify your processes. Pall Laboratory are committed to providing many sample preparation and detection tools used in basic research, genomics, proteomics, ADMETox, and combinatorial chemistry applications including scalable chromatography, tangential flow filtration, and sterile filtration products; sample prep products for pharmaceutical QC; filter plates for sample prep and detection; and a new line of lab water purification systems.

For the laboratory, Pall provides products that are:

  • Optimized: Pall’s extensive knowledge and long history of developing uniform membrane materials (lot-to-lot) ensure consistent, reproducible results.
  • Scalable: Choose from a wide variety of device configurations for processing single or multiple samples from benchtop to high throughput.
  • Automation Compatible: Pall’s high-throughput products are configured to fit standard lab robotic equipment.

Pall’s Laboratory Technical Support team provides global, 24-hour-a-day, live technical support. From assisting with routine processes to guiding proper product selection, Pall can help you realize the full potential of your application.

Pall also supplies OEM Solutions for a range of applications in the life sciences, biopharmaceutical, and medical marketplaces.

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