CiMaas and Pharmacell announce collaboration

Posted: 13 July 2015 | Victoria White

CiMaas and PharmaCell have announced a collaboration where PharmaCell will provide consulting services on GMP-compliance to CiMaas…

CiMaas, a company developing cellular immunotherapy for cancer, and PharmaCell, a leading contract manufacturing organisation for cellular therapies and regenerative medicine in Europe, have agreed to collaborate in the clinical development of CiMaas’ products.

Under the agreement, PharmaCell will provide consulting services on writing Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-compliant documents for the purpose of translating the CiMaas cell therapy processes into GMP. Options have been taken on a full technology transfer trajectory to be started and executed at a later date.  A continuation option on a Phase I and possibly a Phase II clinical trial is also part of the agreement.

Collaboration will clear the path to bring CiMaas products to clinical trials

Gerard Bos, Chief Executive Officer of CiMaas, said, “We are delighted to collaborate with PharmaCell and receive support in building our documents and technology in a fully GMP compliant manner for the development of our ATMPs (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products).”

Wilfred Germeraad, Chief Scientific Officer, added, “It is a wonderful opportunity to work together and it will immediately speed-up our work in translating the lab procedures into clinical products ready to be tested in patients with cancer.”

Alexander Vos, Chief Executive Officer of PharmaCell BV, said, “The CiMaas team has shown to be successful in bringing their technology to the point of preparing the initiation of clinical studies. We are excited to support them to make their production process GMP-compliant and help clear the path to bring their innovative therapies to benefit patients.”

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