On demand webinar

Developing next generation non-replicative HSV-1 vectors for sustainable and more precise gene therapies

Watch this webinar to learn how the challenges with using certain viral vectors in gene therapy has advanced the development of a new generation of precise vectors with sustainable effects. Our experts outline the limitations of existing vectors and how these can be overcome using modified recombinant non-replicative herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV-1) vectors. These vectors have potential to expand future applications for gene therapy.

Tune in to this informative webinar that explores gene therapy and the hurdles posed by viral vectors and the subsequent strides made in developing a novel generation of precise vectors with enduring efficacy. Our panel of experts explore the inherent limitations of existing vectors and highlight strategies to overcome these challenges. 

Key takeaways:

  • Discover the rise of HSV-1 Vectors: learn why these vectors are poised to transform gene therapy.
  • Explore the unique attributes of HSV-1 vectors, ideal for neurological applications and beyond.
  • Learn how customisation of HSV-1 vectors can unlock a multitude of advantages, from expanding capacity to enabling sustained expression.
  • Engage with our experts as they share their outlook on the future of cell and gene therapy.

By exploring vectors, attendees will gain insights into their sustainable effects and, notably, how they stand to change the landscape of cell and gene therapy. The potential of these vectors extends beyond existing challenges; they hold the key to expanding gene therapy applications.


Philippe Chambon, MD, PhD – Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of EG427

Philippe Chambon, MD, PhD has an extensive and diverse background in venture capital, pharmaceuticals, and management consulting, with a focus on the healthcare industry. For more than 25 years he has been involved in start-up creation and investing in growth stage companies.

In 2005, he created an independent venture firm and has raised over $1 billion dollars since. Philippe is currently the Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of EG427, which focuses on developing non-replicative Herpes virus derived vectors for gene therapy. Philippe has played a key role in advancing their first program towards IND, with a focus on peripheral nervous system diseases. He started his career in the pharma industry and then worked in strategic consulting at BCG before starting in venture capital in 1995. He is currently also a board member of several private companies in life sciences. Philippe graduated as an MD, PhD from Université Paris Cité in Paris, France. He received an MBA from Columbia University, NYC.

Dr Walter R. Strapps – Chief Scientific Officer of Liberate Bio, co-founder and CEO of Carver Biosciences, Inc

Dr Walter R. Strapps is the Chief Scientific Officer of Liberate Bio, a seed stage company in the lipid nano-particle space, and is the co-founder and CEO of Carver Biosciences, Inc. His past roles include Chief Scientific Officer at Gemini Therapeutics where he led all aspects of pre-clinical research, PK and biomarkers for Gemini’s clinical trials.  Before joining Gemini, Dr. Strapps was Vice President of Discovery at Intellia Therapeutics, leading programs across a range of therapeutic areas.  Dr Strapps held previous roles in RNA Therapeutics at Merck & Co., Inc in Pennsylvania and California and at Sirna Therapeutics and Sentigen Biosciences in Colorado and New York respectively.  Dr Strapps obtained his doctorate, M.A. and M.Phil. degrees from Columbia University and B.Sc. from McGill University.  Dr Strapps serves on the board of Sona Nanotech. Walter was born and raised in Nova Scotia and is a proud Bluenoser.


Dr Clare Blue – Senior CMC Translation Consultant (Gene Therapy) at eXmoor Pharma 

Clare Blue holds a degree and PhD in Molecular Microbiology from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Clare has over 16 years CMC industry experience in the development and manufacture of gene therapy / biologics products, from pre-clinical to commercial. She had a lead role in defining the CMC, regulatory and analytical strategies of a start-up gene therapy company with success taking an ocular AAV product to pivotal / Phase 3 trials, together with extensive experience supporting the technical development of various clinical and pre-clinic products in the ocular and CNS space. She provides expert advice to external industry forums and advisory boards to facilitate the advancement of ATMPs.


Is the webinar free? 

Yes – there is no charge to watch the webinar.

How long will the webinar be? 

This webinar will last up to an hour. 

What do I need to watch this webinar? 

All you need is a computer with an internet connection. We recommend using headphones if possible if you’re in an office environment.