Automating functional cell-based bioassays: assay reproducibility and performance for potency testing programmes

28 July 2021


About this webinar

Throughout early discovery and particularly for market release, biologic drug candidates require mechanism-of-action (MOA)-based functional, cellular assays as characterisation tools that can attest to their desired therapeutic activity. However, developing such physiologically relevant cell-based assays has proved to be challenging and they are often difficult to establish in quality control (QC) labs, with long and complicated assay protocols or using primary cells. In this webinar, we discuss how Eurofins DiscoverX’s off-the-shelf, MOA-based functional, cellular assays address these challenges, enabling drug discovery programmes up to late-stage development and market release.

When implementing these assays in potency and stability testing programmes for drug release, they require a high degree of precision and accuracy between experiments and operators. Automating these assays can increase throughput, reduce assay variability, decrease operational costs and most importantly, offer consistent method execution and transfer between sites. Tecan, an industry leader for advanced automation instruments, will join us and present automation of these functional, cell-based assays using their latest generation liquid handler, FLUENT.

Learning outcomes of this webinar

  • Learn about DiscoverX’s functional, physiologically relevant, MOA-based assay platform for accelerating discovery and market release of biologic drugs
  • Find out about ready-to-use robust bioassays designed to meet requirements of accuracy, precision, linearity and reproducibility for drug release programmes
  • Discover how quick and easy it is to automate bioassays using Tecan’s latest generation liquid handler
  • Hear about case studies on automating DiscoverX’s cell-based assays that are routinely used for drug release.

Our speakers

 Dr Gaurav AgrawalDr Gaurav Agrawal, Scientific Development Manager, Eurofins DiscoverX

Gaurav earned his PhD in cell and molecular biology from the Indian Institute of Science studying the activation mechanism of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). During his postdoc at the University of California San Diego, Gaurav discovered a novel intracellular trafficking pathway essential for organelle biogenesis. At Eurofins DiscoverX, Gaurav is responsible for developing strategic partnerships, scientific integration of the cell-based assays portfolio and supervising method transfers to contract research organisations (CROs) for biologic and biosimilar drug development programmes.

Dr Lucía BruzzoneDr Lucía Bruzzone, Product Manager, Tecan

Dr Lucía Bruzzone is a product manager at Tecan. She studied molecular biology and biotechnology at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. During her PhD, she focused on cell biology and genetics at the Institut Jacques Monod in France. She joined Tecan in 2019 as an application specialist and focused on the development and support of applications on Tecan’s liquid handling platforms in the cellomics and proteomics area before joining the detection team in 2021.

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