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Eurofins Discovery can optimise your discovery process – whether you need complete, end-to-end services, help with one or more stages, or the products for discovery work.

With over 600 scientists around the world, 50 patents, and 30 billion data points screened, you can rely on Eurofins Discovery to provide you with the deep resources needed for your success.

Standalone Services. Offering the ability to support your projects on an as-needed basis across the drug discovery workflow, Eurofins Discovery offers you services for Medicinal Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, In Vitro Pharmacology, Safety & Efficacy, ADME & Toxicology, and Phenotypic Assays. In Vivo services are available through our partner lab, Pharmacology Discovery Services.

Integrated Drug Discovery. The DiscoveryOne™ integrated drug discovery team works hand-in-hand as partners with you, integrating all Eurofins Discovery capabilities to accelerate delivery of preclinical candidates by utilising our in-house project management and deep scientific expertise.

Products for Drug Discovery. Eurofins DiscoverX, a Eurofins Discovery company, is the trusted product solutions provider that can accelerate your programs with confidence with qualified reagents, cell lines, and assays ready to run today. Eurofins DiscoverX develops and manufactures cutting-edge assays, stable cell lines, membrane preps, enzymes, and reagents for drug discovery and development.

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