The mast cell receptor MrgX2 and drug-induced anaphylaxis

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5 July 2017

Supported by:

5 July 2017

Webinar DiscoverX Mast cell receptors and drug-induced anaphylaxis

Activation of MrgX2, a GPCR expressed on mast cells, leads to degranulation and histamine release. MrgX2 binds promiscuously to basic peptides and small molecules, resulting in acute histamine-like adverse drug reactions, both in man and in mammalian species used in drug toxicology.

The goal of this webinar is to illustrate how knowledge of MrgX2 activity across a panel of mammalian species can be integrated into drug development to influence choice of compound, species model and dosing regimen. Insight into MrgX2 SAR offers clues as to its true physiological role.


DiscoverX webinar speaker Dr. BrownDr. Andrew J. Brown – Fellow at GlaxoSmithKline

Dr. Brown has been involved in drug discovery for 20+ years. Andrew received a Ph.D. at the University of Edinburgh, then joined GlaxoWellcome. Currently he oversees secondary pharmacology at GSK, and consults with the UK Home Office.


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