Brochure: Custom Assay Development

Posted: 24 March 2017 | | No comments yet

The Custom Assay Development (CAD) program at DiscoverX develops tailor-made cell lines optimised for your needs, enabling you to jump start your drug discovery programs…

Cell-based assays are valuable tools throughout the drug discovery process. However, internal assay development can be expensive, requiring months to develop, tying up valuable internal resources, and in many cases can be technically challenging, further straining resources and time lines.

The cell-based assays created by our team enable your program to move faster and solve your difficult assay development challenges while saving you time, money, and resources. These customised assays have enabled hundreds of drug discovery programs at multiple companies globally through screening, lead optimisation, and bioanalytical assay development.

Leverage the DiscoverX CAD program to enable the progress of your drug discovery programs. Save months of precious development time and move valuable projects forward through our expertise.

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