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An assay is an analytical procedure in laboratory medicine, pharmacology and molecular biology for measuring the activity of a target entity.


Laboratory automation in early drug discovery

26 March 2020 | By , , , , , ,

The future of drug discovery lies in an automated world where the workflows for biological assays, chemical synthesis and data analysis are connected by flexible, mobile and modular hardware, integrated with software solutions that will interface with scientists for increased efficiency and productivity (the realisation of Industry 4.0). This article…


Application note: A rapid method to quantitatively screen bispecific antibodies using Protein A and HIS1K biosensors

26 March 2020 | By

Scientists at Celgene Corporation developed a screening process incorporating the Octet® HTX system to identify pools and clones with higher concentrations of bispecific antibodies. Higher throughput was achieved from the multiple simultaneous measures possible on the Octet system and rapid assay times, such as binding optimisation in only 10 minutes.…


In vitro platforms for de-risking nephrotoxicity during drug development

25 March 2020 | By ,

If not correctly assessed, drug candidates with undesirable safety issues may progress through clinical development, resulting in costly failures later in the development process. Given that many drugs fail in clinical trials due to nephrotoxicity, this article describes the importance of understanding kidney transporter function in drug development, how current…


Drug Target Review – Issue 1 2020

23 March 2020 | By

This issue includes a spotlight on how genomic assays could revolutionise healthcare, a discussion on how lab automation can improve drug discovery and an analysis of whether antibodies can provide an effective coronavirus treatment. Other article topics in this issue include immuno-oncology and artificial intelligence.


2020: Reset your expectation for surface plasmon resonance (SPR)

25 February 2020 | By Bruker Daltonics

Register for our latest webinar supported by Bruker Daltonics to get an overview of the SPR user and application landscape in 2020. During the one-hour session, you will learn about the latest software tools for Bruker’s SPR instrumentation and explore high-throughput screening strategies enabled by the Bruker SPR ecosystem.