Application note

Application note: Kinetic quantification cell proliferation in live cells

Cell proliferation assays are a cornerstone of cancer therapeutic, developmental biology, and drug safety research.

In this application note, we illustrate how proliferation assays using the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System in conjunction with fit-for-purpose software tools and non-perturbing reagents enable kinetic quantification of cell proliferation. Additional assay strategies will be introduced to generate measurements of cell type-specific growth rates in co-cultures.

You will learn:

  • General assay principles of  Incucyte® proliferation assays
  • Label-free analysis of cell proliferation
  • Continuous live-cell proliferation of non-adherent cells
  • Use of fluorescence labeling to track proliferation
  • High throughput compound testing using Incucyte® Nuclight Green HT-1080 cells.

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