Beyond the lab: immuno-oncology

Read this in-depth analyses and insights from leading experts in the field focusing on treatments, new technologies and engineered bacteria.

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Download this exclusive report to discover key immuno-oncology advancements and breakthroughs including targets playing crucial roles in multiple tumour survival pathways, how to improve the analysis of single-cell transcriptomic data and a new wave of promising NK cell therapeutics.

Expert insights from:

  • Dr Catherine Pickering, CEO of iOnctura
  • Dr Espen Basmo Ellingsen, University of Oslo
  • Dr Tong Huo, Sino Biological
  • Dr Vanda Lopes, BPS Bioscience

From the discovery of IOA-289, an autotaxin inhibitor with potential in pancreatic cancer therapy, to the development of Spectra, an open-source computational method revolutionising single-cell transcriptomic data analysis, this exclusive report showcases cutting-edge research and innovative approaches. Discover insights into macrophage phenotype optimisation for improved immunotherapy outcomes and mRNA therapies for glioblastoma demonstrate the evolving landscape of immune-based cancer treatments. 

Download now to read more about:

  • Combining autotaxin and TGF-β inhibitors in cancer
  • New insights to improve immunotherapy treatments
  • The promise of NK cell therapeutics
  • Macrophage phenotype insights
  • New technology optimising mesenchymal stem cell extraction
  • Cancer-killing T cells enhanced by engineered bacteria.


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