Drug Target Review – Issue #1 2016

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Included in this issue: Microfluidics, Protein Expression, Drug Targets, Biomarkers, Oncology, Assays, Antibodies, and much more…

DTR Issue 1 2016

In Issue #1 2016 of Drug Target Review:

  • FOREWORD: Using computational models to aid drug discovery
    Jon Timmis, Chief Executive Officer, SimOmics Ltd
  • MICROFLUIDICS: The fur-free way towards personalised medicine in cancer therapy
    Amy Dawson,Victoria Green, Ruth Bower and John Greenman, University of Hull
  • PROTEIN EXPRESSION: Pushing the limits of protein expression with miRNAs
    Simon Fischer, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Rene Handrick and Kerstin Otte, Biberach University of Applied Sciences
    With contributions from Jean-Marie Frère and Sébastien Rigali, Université de Liège, Ken McGarry, Anuam Rashid and Hannah Smith, University of Sunderland, and Sheraz Gul and Maria Kuzikov, Fraunhofer-IME SP
  • BIOMARKERS: Strategies for identifying predictive biomarkers of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
    Wasco Wruck, Marie-Ann Kawala, Nina Graffmann and James Adjaye, Heinrich-Heine-University
  • ONCOLOGY: Classifying brain tumours to improve diagnoses
    Xiaolong Fan, Beijing Normal University
    With articles from David Shum, Institut Pasteur Korea, Gabriele Sorg, Hit Discovery Constance and Horst Flotow, Singapore Screening Centre
    With features from Carol Harley, IBMC and i3S, Ricardo S. Vieira-Pires, University of Coimbra and Sukmook Lee, Scripps Korea Antibody Institute

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    Thanks it is very important this journal

  2. PD Dr Hansjuergen Bondke says:

    Interesting Scientific journal

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