Drug Target Review – Issue #4 2016

Posted: 11 December 2016 | Drug Target Review | No comments yet

Included in this issue: Profiling proteins produced by cells to provide information about cell signalling pathways; HTS assays for the identification of small-molecule inhibitors of deubiquitinating enzymes; Preventing the spread of infectious diseases in transport hubs…

Drug Target Review - Issue 4 2016 - Front Cover

In Issue #4 2016 of Drug Target Review:

  • Foreword: The changing face of drug discovery
    Neil Weir, Chair, ABPI Innovation Board and Senior Vice President of Drug Discovery, UCB
  • Clinical optimism for antagonists targeting P2X3, P2X4 and P2X7 ion channels
    Anindya Bhattacharya, PhD, Janssen Research & Development, LLC
  • Screening: Diverse HTS assays for the identification of small-molecule inhibitors of deubiquitinating enzymes
    Kamyar Hadian, HelmholtzZentrum, München GmbH
  • Screening: Interview with Dr Lee E. Babiss, X-Rx Discovery
  • Translational proteomics: From the bench to the bedside
    Paula Díez and Manuel Fuentes, Cancer Research Centre (IBMCC/CSIC/USAL/IBSAL)
  • Versatile application of next-generation sequencing in pharmaceutics
    Pushpanathan Muthuirulan, PhD, National Institutes of Health
  • Valid biomarker signatures from liquid biopsies – how to standardise NGS
    Dominik Buschmann and Benedikt Kirchner, TUM School of Life Sciences and Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and Michael W. Pfaffl, TUM School of Life Sciences
  • Infectious Diseases: Tackling the spread of pathogens in transport hubs
    Ilpo Kulmala,VTT Ltd
  • Personalised Medicines: Interview with Dr Adrian Harel, CEO, Medicortex Finland Oy Pharma City
  • Personalised Medicines: Exploring the need for mutation-specific treatments in cystic fibrosis
    Caroline Richards, Editor, Drug Target Review

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