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The Netherlands

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We collaborate with the world’s leading pharma, biotech and academic organisations to lower the risks and time frames in disease research and preclinical drug discovery.

Euretos provides a unique combination of predictive computational disease models and direct access to our AI-integrated knowledge base of biomolecular databases, literature and patents to evaluate predictions and findings. This empowers scientists to draw their own, evidence-based, conclusions and develop data-driven insights into human disease biology.

Our ready-to-use applications and capabilities enable taking a data-driven approach to:

  • Target Discovery – Novel target predictions to improve preclinical pipeline performance in all therapeutic areas
  • Indication Selection – Novel disease association predictions to expand indications of existing drugs
  • Target Evaluation – Accelerate assessment of target candidates from in-house discovery and in-licensing.

Work with Euretos to:

  • Get novel target and indication predictions to develop your in-house and in-licensing pipeline
  • Empower your researchers to evaluate which assets to move forward in preclinical testing
  • Gain collaborative insights by working with our translational science team
  • Lower time frames and risks by leveraging proven experience and ready-to-use applications.