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Disease Research



The role of STRIs in cancer

27 November 2023 | By

Within cancer cells, the eIF4F complex's dysregulation amplifies the translation of cancer-promoting proteins, establishing it as a critical juncture in malignancy and resistance to treatment. eFFECTOR Therapeutics has responded with Selective Translation Regulator Inhibitors (STRIs). These STRIs are precision instruments dismantling the foundations of tumour growth, immune evasion, and resistance…


Navigating the challenges of cell therapies

8 November 2023 | By

Cell therapies hold great potential for treating complex diseases, yet they face significant limitations and challenges. Current cell therapies have difficulty distinguishing between healthy and cancerous cells, often resulting in adverse effects. Vittoria's innovative Senza5 platform, with its unique CD5-targeting approach, aims to enhance the efficacy, safety, and speed of…


How organoids can redefine pre-clinical research

22 September 2023 | By

Organoids, lab-grown 3D structures that mimic human organs, are redefining preclinical research through bypassing the ethical and practical limitations of animal models. Technological advancements in organoid research, including automation and improved analytical tools, promise to unlock new possibilities by streamlining the application of these 3D structures to enhance drug development…