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Molecular Biology



Exploring the wonders of molecular biology

29 May 2024 | By

In this episode, we explore our understanding of DNA and its implications for health outcomes. Additionally, we discuss the transition from DNA sequencing to actionable insights in medicine, contrasting genetics-driven drug discovery with traditional methods. Finally, we examine the evolving landscape of genetic technology and its potential impact on the…


Women in Stem with Dr Beate Mueller-Tiemann

19 February 2024 | By ,

Introducing Dr Beate Mueller-Tiemann, whose journey spans continents and disciplines, with a passion for biochemistry and molecular biology since her high school days. From elucidating pivotal proteins in cancer to monoclonal antibody discovery, Dr Mueller-Tiemann's contributions have not only transformed our understanding of diseases but have also fuelled research in…


Women in STEM with Dr Catherine Sheehan

22 December 2023 | By

In this special December edition of Women in STEM, we are privileged to feature Dr Catherine Sheehan, a distinguished figure whose journey in the field of STEM has been marked by passion, resilience, and impactful contributions. We explore her experiences, challenges faced, and the transformative impact of her work in…