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Posted: 12 April 2016 | Caroline Richards, Editor, Drug Target Review | No comments yet

Here, Caroline Richards, Editor of Drug Target Review, discusses the publication and the opportunities available to authors…

Caroline Richards

Are you a scientist whose research could pave the way to the next generation of new and innovative therapeutics?

Perhaps you work in early-stage research and development for an emerging biopharmaceutical company? Whatever your background, you can be sure to broaden your knowledge about the latest developments in the drug discovery world with Drug Target Review. A spin-off from the long-established European Pharmaceutical Review, this niche publication has already forged an exemplary name for itself and flies off the shelves at conferences globally.

With articles on the potential of technologies and techniques such as microfluidics and imaging, to reviews of specific biological targets such as G-protein coupled receptors and antibodies, Drug Target Review is designed to cover a wider range of drug discovery areas than any other drug discovery title, with the editor utilising her life sciences knowledge and experience to ensure content is current.

The editor is always keen to hear from prospective new industry contacts, and so if you have an idea, would like to write an article on one of the topics we plan to cover this year (see our publishing schedule), or if you would simply like to get in touch with suggestions or feedback, feel free to email her on the address below.

Unlike with many publications, we don’t charge for articles appearing in Drug Target Review. Features are usually around 2,000 words in length and we will publish your career biography and photograph, so you can be sure that your work is ‘out there’ for all to see. If you’d like read a selection of articles recently published, just register here (free-of-charge). When you register, you’ll also have the chance to choose whether you’d like to receive complimentary copies through the post, or whether you’d simply prefer to receive the digital version of Drug Target Review. So whether you write an article for us or not, you’re guaranteed to be able to stay abreast of industry developments.

Caroline Richards

[email protected]

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