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This upcoming webinars hosted by Oxford Global will provide an insight on Drug Discovery & Antibody Research…

Webinar : March 15th | 2:30 pm GMT “Nanobodies as a Versatile and Clinically Validated Approach” hosted by Tony De Fougerolles, Chief Scientific Officer at Ablynx

This exciting webinar will discuss the exciting new antibody technology being developed by Ablynx, and aims to give attendees insight into the future of antibody discovery and development. Single domain antibodies represent a potential avenue for overcoming some of the limitations encountered by conventional antibody technology. As a leader in the field with over 40 active drug programmes, Ablynx has world-leading insight and experience in the use of immunoglobulin single variable domains, which we term Nanobodies®. Using both preclinical and clinical stage compounds as case studies, it will be shown how the use of Nanobodies can successfully address a range of concrete and distinct limitations of conventional antibody technology.

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Webinar: March 22nd | 2:30 pm GMT “Open Innovation and partnerships for an improved Lead Generation” hosted by Patrick Jimonet, External Opportunities in Drug Discovery, Sanofi

This webinar will discuss a range of drug discovery strategies:

  • Diversity of modalities is required to drug challenging targets of pharma portfolios
  • Hit Finding strategy: critical role of innovation and partnerships
  • New business models to access novel chemical matter and technologies
  • Macrocycles and cyclic peptides to drug proteins that failed with small molecules and/or that are not accessible to antibodies
  • Open innovation, e.g. crowdsourcing, a new mindset to improve drug discovery efficiency

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Benefits to Attending:

  • Advance your knowledge of antibody technologies and the common challenges faced by researchers
  • Hear about the latest strategies for open innovation in drug discovery, across small and large molecules
  • Learn from a leading expert about his experience in antibody discovery
  • Hear about an innovative approach to antibody technology and also open innovation, and have the opportunity to put your questions to our industry experts

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